The Maps of the Bean Feasa (Wise Woman)

Autumn Equinox. Sunday 23rd September. 10.30-6. East Asheville, NC

Autumn Equinox marks the transition from the light half of the year over a threshold and taking us into the dark half of the year. This change is marked in the land by an alignment of cairn T in Loughcrew Ireland – where the autumn equinox sunrise shines into the chamber. The Cailleach plays her part in this changeover as she has her great stone seat outside of this cairn – it’s only fitting that the Cailleach leads us into the dark half of the year.

Drawing of a sacred landscape based on Loch Lomond, Scotland

The Cailleach is associated with the magic and mystery of the Bean Fease, who has a deep relationship with the landscape she lives in. The wise woman knows the terrain through many eyes of the creatures that call the land home – from eagle to mouse, worm to deer, bee to plant. She knows their ways, their worlds as all these eyes view the same land differently, each holding their own maps. The map of the eagle is very different from that of the wren or to the map of the Yew tree. The wise woman can see the land through all the eyes of these creatures, so she knows where to find her answers. She knows exactly where to find the first wild raspberries, or knows the slight change of color in the sky which foretells snow.

With a guided journey which leads us into seeing with these eyes of the wise woman, you will create your own map. This is a map of the sacredness of the landscape you live your life on. It might include significant experiences which took your life in a particular direction, include those places you hold dear and also map out some future events or places you wish your life to expand into.


We’ll be inspired by these ancient artifacts and make our own from clay

We will use ancient maps as our inspiration and our creativity to interpret the meaning of these ancient pendants and in picturing the person that wore them. How might you read these pendants if they had been handed down through your lineage and you were now the living custodian of them?

In this workshop, you are invited to create your own map. To consider the events which have shaped you that you might not share with others. That night of the shooting star that was an answer to something you’d been struggling with, or that time you sat in the forest and you and a deer just stood and looked at each other. These are the magical moments, the moments of insight where we truly connect with the world. Imaging making a map of some of these moments which may have changed your life and to look back over your life like this great meandering snake. You’ll consider the real things you still want to accomplish and add these to your map.

The aim of the day is to enter into a more conscious relationship with the land around us and consider all the overlapping maps of other creatures.

  • Please note you don’t need any drawing or felting skills for this workshop – you already have them you just don’t know it yet!

Sketching out your own personal map

Workshop Highlights

  • Taking an otherworldly journey with the Bean Feasa in a Scottish landscape and seeing through the eyes of many other creatures
  • Play with shapes and colors and explore what your map might look like
  • Taking the idea a little deeper and forming a pendant map in clay
  • Create a larger art piece using needle felting as well as sewing on items to your map and using symbols you are drawn to
  • Spend the day in an inspiring circle of women

Booking & Sign Up

This workshop is limited to 6 women

Early booking discount – The cost for this workshop and all materials is $125 with an early booking discount of $98 if you book before the 5th September. I will confirm your booking once it has been processed.




Accommodation is available for this workshop in the same house we are holding our workshop – at Heron House in the Bull Creek area of East Asheville. Please email me if you are interested in booking one of the rooms at $60 per night and I’ll pass on the Airbnb links.