The Tradition of Women Who Wear Antlers

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Women Who Followed the Reindeer

Exploring the Stories of my Foremothers

Folk Magic

Antlered Headdresses and Drums


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Feeding Ancestral Longing

Dancing Between the Worlds

Sacred Circle

Women’s Mysteries


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Old Antlered One

Primeval Mother

Mother of the Herds

Deer Goddess

New Dolls – Keening and Antlered Women!

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These are the last dolls of the season before we shut the shop next week and get ready to pack our bags and head to Scotland for the Ancestral Mothers of Scotland Retreat! 

The Keening Woman

The keening woman was employed in Ireland and Scotland to grieve over the body as part of a death rite. Her role was to lead the communities grief for the person they were grieving and also to show the way home to the otherworld for the person that had died. Keening was always a woman’s role and goes back to an earlier pagan tradition and a shamanic role. Traditional keening (in the presence of a dead body) has long dies out yet has begun to flourish in an age where grief is taboo and is used in modern ceremonies for an entire host of reasons in which we see fit to release our grief not just for those who have died but for the state of the world. Click on the image above to view in the online shop.


She Who Whispers to the Deer – click on image to view in the online shop

She Who Whispers to the Deer

She comes from a time of ice, a time when great herds of reindeer crossed from mainland Europe across land to Britain. She is that energy of the reindeer running the ancient migratory paths. It was she who ran with the very first herd, guiding the leading female. She is protector of the reindeer and the long line of priestesses who followed. Click on the image above to view in the online shop.


Elen of the Ways – Click on the image to view in the online shop

Elen of the Ways

Elen of the Ways is an ancient British shamanic folklore figure. Elen wears antlers, which female deer do not have although female Reindeer do which links her back to the early people who followed the reindeer herds from Europe over to the UK before the great ice sheets melted and created the North Sea and resulted in Britain becoming an island.

Elen is the ancient Deer Goddess, an archetype of the land. The deer followed their pathways made over generations of migrations, often running along leylines. Elen offers insight into other worlds, to see between the worlds and to be that communicator between the realms. Click on the image to view in the online shop.

New offerings

front 1 edit with watermaek

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She is that instance when you smell fall on the breeze. She blows through you with a bone biting cold. She reminds us of ancestors, who if we are still enough, we can still hear their whispers. She heralds change and the call for all life to return to its roots, for there is no renewal without death.

She wears leather (which was from a deer killed, honored and skins processed by a friends family), the fur is vintage and otherwise would have been burned. I honor the poor creature whose fur this is and while I don’t advocate the use of wearing fur a percentage of this sale will go towards Animal Defenders International.

fancy edit

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Fall arrives in an explosion of colors, then the leaves fall and color drains from the world. She is the embodiment of winter and all the colors draining down to grey. I love the combination of grey and rust, rust the decaying the dying away of life down to it’s roots. After all everything must die in order to be reborn.

front 1 edit

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I have spent most of my life near water and have never forgotten the song of the sea. Her tides still wax and wane in my blood. This sea witch represents the deep mystery the ocean or loch holds, which represent those parts of us we don’t often want to explore.

She wears a magical necklace with each knot representing something she will only tell you about. The pendant represents the treasures we can find when we dare to explore our dark aspects, the shells – her love of the folklore of the sea – from selkies to kelpies. Her three glass beads belong to a different era and tell tales of magical worlds beyond the veils of this world.

Guardian of Lion’s Gate

Final image

 The Guardian of Lion’s Gate

I’ve been thinking for a while now about trying a new way of making dolls. So I found a wire coat hanger, chopped it up, twisted and moulded

coat ahnger

Basic shape from a wire coat hanger

Screen shot 2015-08-16 at 10.36.35 PM


Wrapped some wool around the wire & shaped, then added some hair

pattern making2

pattern making

doll dress

Dress making

almost done

Dress fitting


Silk embellishments

She was made in the middle of the Lion’s Gate astrological alignment played out. Now I know nothing about astrology but I did notice some different energies occurring about how I was viewing certain things in my life – and a great unfolding of what is next. And as I pondered these energies my hands created Lion colored dreadlocks and this Guardian was born!