The Tradition of Women Who Wear Antlers

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Women Who Followed the Reindeer

Exploring the Stories of my Foremothers

Folk Magic

Antlered Headdresses and Drums


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Feeding Ancestral Longing

Dancing Between the Worlds

Sacred Circle

Women’s Mysteries


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Old Antlered One

Primeval Mother

Mother of the Herds

Deer Goddess

Antlered Prayer Beads

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As my fingers move around the sacred circle of the beads I feel my mind quietening. I come to a still place which often feels a little between the worlds. The antler connects me to ancient herds migrating through the landscape as if they themselves are moving through space and time. This reminds me of our migration around the wheel of the year – honoring the growing life through the phases of a women’s life – from girl child to maiden, amazon to mid life woman, from crone to ancestor.


‘My beads have become constant companions as I go through the day‘,

A. Harrison


Prayer Beads with Golden Black Obsidian – click on image to view in shop

‘Powerful and beautiful soul practice tools. Working these beads through my hands I can feel the strength, love and intention in their creation and I’m so grateful that they have come to me. Thank you for your incredible work in the world and on this rosary’.

L Blinn

Prayer beads with Amazoite beads – Click on image to view in shop

I received the prayer beads today, and the are beautiful – thank you again for crafting something so powerful and full of medicine and magic.

Jane V.

Prayer beads with Spider Web Jasper – click image to view in shop

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Priestess of the Deer Clan



dEER EDIT 3 main



She is the priestess of the Deer Clan, their shaman, guide. It is she who petitions the spirits to bring babies safely into this world – and she who sings the old songs as she again midwifes them back home to the otherworld. Her people honor the deer, the great creatrix who is seen as mother of the universe by many peoples around the world.

Her role is to inspire, be a focus of connection to the wise women and healers in our distant lineage. She can sit in a special place or adorn an altar.


deer priestessCollage

Our day with the Antlered One

antler intentionedit

Our intentions for the day wrapped around an antler

 We gathered in sacred circle and shared stories and encounters of antlered beings, carefully considered our intentions and wrapped them around an antler. A story of deer priestesses took us back to a time when women gathered to honor Her – and as those ancient women, the ones who followed the reindeer via ancient Scottish pathways, the deer trods, the leylines – we in turn followed behind them and slipped between the worlds. The drum lead us on a journey with flying reindeer, maps to her terrain, dancing the deer trods – personal healing and healing for community.

The we sat again in circle with wool and yarn and translated some of our visions and messages into sacred art. Sacred art that mirrors the wonder and mystery – that while it was wonderful to read so many stories we ourselves need to find our own path. We ourselves need to journey and ask questions, receive wisdom, we need to sit in circle, to share our insights and see themes and common threads – that create a new weave, a new cloth – a new way.

‘Their physical journey can be seen as a symbol for the spiritual migration of human beings searching for the meaning o life in the everyday world. Our spiritual journeys, too, take us through bogs of consciousness. We too must pass through raging rivers of grief, tread carefully over areas of icy despair, cross craggy ravines that reflect our terror of the unknown, and face feared enemies that threaten to devour us, like hungry wolf packs.’ L Schierse Leonard

art work Collage

 ‘The reindeer’s antlers are considered by some to cradle the third eye, that special, inherent form of intuitive knowledge’.  L Schierse Leonard

working Collage

‘Our own reflection framed within the peaceful eyes of the reindeer can remind us of our intimate, primal connection with and responsibility to all of nature. The reindeer’s ability to survive the starkest winters and find their way through dangerous wilderness to create new life may help us reclaim a guiding symbol for our existence, one that can help us rediscover and redeem our own enduring instincts’ . L Schierse Leonard

altar Collage

‘Antlers shape suggest spiritual antennae reaching to the sky, pointing to the spirit world, receiving messages and becoming the instinctive wisdom of death and rebirth’. L Schierse Leonard

We explored what it means to us today to connect to that most ancient, primal energy – that it is just as empowering and rejuvenating to women today, as it  flows through time – not in a linear fashion but through circles and synchronicity to engage with us through flowing spirit.

Screen shot 2015-04-21 at 9.36.20 AM

Click on the above image for a small introduction to Elen Sentiers book – Following the Deer Trods



* All quotes come from Leonard, Schierse, L. 1995. Creation’s Heartbeat. Following the Reindeer Spirit. Bantam, USA.

She who Calls the Deer

Call 1 edit

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 She Who Calls the Deer is calling to our primal selves, the wild woman our culture tries to make us forget, suppress. She is the wise woman and female shaman and she mirrors the wise woman and shaman in you. You are after all a living breathing integral part of nature. She is a celebration of that and of all the mystery in it’s cawing, wriggling, soaring, swimming, dancing glory.

She calls the deer – those timid dark eyed creatures – wise women, priestesses of the great primal deer goddess. She calls those shape shifters who in a blink of an eye shift rom deer form back again to human. They are the priestesses, who dance and sing between the worlds, priestesses of the great ancient creatrix, the deer goddess.

callls deer 3

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If you hear the whispers of She Who Calls the Deer then she is beckoning you into the great mystery, leading you on the path of the wise woman, the female shaman….will you answer her call?

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Celtic Soul Craft will be holding a day to explore the Deer Goddess, click here for further details…

The Deer Goddess Cometh

the deer goddess head edit

The drum became a heartbeat, drawing me deeper into the earth. Down past peaty layers, past ancestor bones, down, down, down. I emerged in a tunnel, deep with the mountain. Huge rib bones formed the curvature of the tunnel, I walk stretching out my arms to feel the walls, feet gingerly and slowly following each other.

I emerged into darkness , yet sensing a vastness. Slowly my feet begin to dance, a dance to bring all of the world into being, a dance to birth the world into being. As I danced I became skeletal, with tall antlers, wrapped in a black cloak whose layers are infinite. I am aware of both ‘me’ existing within this ancient creature.

 I am dancing,  like a conductor commanding the sun to rise, guiding it up across its pathway until it sinks in the west. As the sun dips and we enter into twilight I look up to the stars but they aren’t familiar – and so I dance, with sweeping movements until they are in their right positions. She danced for the moon to rise again plotting its course out across the sky, leading it towards setting. Days and nights flashed by, the sunlight marked like a stobelight before darkness came, impossibly fast. She continued to dance this bone mother, as I waved my  skeletal hands, conducting the path of the sun, moon and stars over the seasons – creating their sky routes.

The she stepped back, as if observing her work, turning her attention to the land. With one swoop of her hand the land was in winter’s grip, white and frozen. Stretching out her long skeletal fingers, she ushered a thaw and a green emerged from the great melt. The green then intensified, then slowly died back into a burst of orange and browns before the white took over again. The came ice ages, impossibly fast – covering this land in ice miles thick, then a great melting. She danced a dance of color, over and over as if well rehearsing the seasons, ensuring each happened at their right sequence. At times I was merged with her, in her eternal dance, dancing to bring fish to the loch, she danced to bring in great clouds from the west, who released their rain when they met the great mountain. Water trickled down the mountainside in small tributaries, gathering in streams until they poured into the loch. It was there in the peaty darkness of the loch waters I really saw my reflection, long curved antlers above an elongated deer skull. I knew this was simply a form she was wearing, for she is formless and has existed before time.

Suddenly she bounded off from the top of the mountain and in a few leaps landed on the islands off the west coast of Scotland. I lost sight of her but could see her leap high from island to island. I felt bored, alone and wondered why, realizing as there was no-one else, this was a time before ancestors, no people had yet stood anywhere on the planet. This deer goddess is a creatrix, she was weaving life, creating the patterns, weaving the luminous strands out over the land.

deer goddess edit 2

Then people came, these were the people who followed the reindeer. They wove their own stories to the land, following the luminous strands the great goddess had embedded in the earth.

Among these reindeer people were the women who wear the deer skins, adorning themselves with reindeer antlers, around fire they give thanks and present their offerings to the creatrix. They are the deer priestesses, the ones who can still feel the presence of the old one. The ones who on moonlit nights climb in pilgrimage to the top of Ben Lomond and dance her ancient dance under the full moon. Their steps following her steps – steps that take them between the worlds, and in that dance they dance their intention into the star patterns, and down into the luminous strands which carry out throughout the network out over the earth.

The deer goddess watches, she is old, oh so old and tired. As she lays down, her bones sink into the great mountain. She dissolves into the luminous stands and is aware of every living thing. Her rib bones form the walls of a tunnel – a sacred place where others will travel in order to talk to this most ancient deity.