Samhain Bundle

What are Bundles?

Imagine a great bundle of kindling to light the woodstove one early morning but instead it was a bundle to warm you as the days grow short and the night grow long. These seasonal little bundles are a collection of gifts for you that weave in some myth and inspiration of the season.

The Samhain bundle contains:

  1. Water from the Cailleach Stream
  2. Grandmother Bear Earrings
  3. Two Cailleach Greeting Cards
  4. Goddess Collage Project
  5. Mookaite Stone
  6. An Invitation to Ritual working with Grandmother Bear (outline and suggestions)
  7. A printed sheet to record your goals or insights for the following months
  8. An emailed MP3 file of a talk ‘Working with the Grandmothers’ discussing our Blood and bone ancestors and our role as future ancestors. This talk which was part of the Guardian Ancestors tele summit also discusses connecting to our ancestors through creativity and radical doll making.

The vial of water you will receive set on a map of Gleann Cailliche, Perthshire, ScotlandThis is the Shrine of the Cailleach in Glen cailleach and you can see the stream the water came from on the right hand side in the distance. 

1.Water from the Cailleach Stream

The Allt Cailliche stream flows high in the hills above Glen Lyon and flows past the little shrine of the Cailleach which is thought to be thousands of years old. This water was collected from this stream earlier this year. 2. Grandmother Bear Earrings

3. Two Cailleach Greeting Cards selected from the four shown above


4. Mookaite Stone

Mookait is a jasper which comes from western Australia and from the Aboriginal word for ‘running water’ and the streams and springs flowing up from underground. How interesting to learn that it formed 125 million years ago and is the fossilization of microscopic sea creatures called radiolaria.

Running Water, Mookaite is an ancient grandmother. She wears a cloak of earthy red, ochre with has a sheen of burnt yellow and burgundies. She carries a torch which shines on our inherited patterns helping illuminate those which aren’t healthy. She is old, 125 million years old and she helps us connect to ancient knowledge buried in our own cells whatever our linage is. She is also the spirit of being young at heart whatever our age.

You’ll receive one piece of Mookaite stone in your bundle.

5. Goddess Collage Project

Full instructions on the Goddess Art Collage which you can use to explore the Ancestral Mothers around the wheel of the year.

6. Grandmother Bear Ritual

A dark of the year ritual with outline and suggestions

7. Samhain printed sheet to record your goals or insights for the following months

  • Please provide your email address when booking as the Goddess Collage Project instructions, the Grandmother Bear Ritual and the Samhain printed sheet will all be emailed to you.



Cost $40 (including shipping to US only) plus $3.50 postage & packaging