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9 thoughts on “Contact and Feedback

  1. Jude, I ahve had foot surgery and now off work for 6 weeks. This is me getting around all your pictres etc. You are a very taqlented lady. I am proud to have you in my life.
    Take care.


  2. Wow, Jude~
    I have had such a glorious time rummaging around your site. Thanks for sending me the link on your adventures with the bus, and reminding me that I needed to take this wee journey into your art and musings. I feel inspired and re-connected with all that is important. I’m so glad that we had that chance meeting at the games, and hope that we can make time out of the craziness of life to become friends and inspirations to each other. You never know who you may run into, and sometimes it may be someone that you’ve known all along, but never met, eh?


  3. oh my god jude! I had no idea you were so artistically talented. Your photos are AMAZING, and the stuff you make, wonderful. I am learning to knit and can’t believe you can even dye your own wool. I am going to visit this site daily, so you’d better keep yer blog up to date. love jenxxx

  4. Hi Jude, Wow! My heart and mind have been in a fog for quite some time. I found your site and it felt like being home. The bee n moonstone prayers beads from you lifted the fog. I was able to connect with my heart Chakra and found my connection with community and the love of others. I am so grateful to you and the community of women around you.
    Also, I found where my grandmother’s ancestors were from the Isle of Mann. Looking forward to exploring and connections there.

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