Yuwali – In Her Own Words

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Wow, a beautiful, and sad, film narrated by Yuwali, an indigenous Australian. Her story starts at the age of 17 and now at 62 she recalls her life with insight, drama and great descriptions of what she was thinking when she saw her first ever white man and motor vehicle.
The story is the voice of this woman, an elder from the oldest culture on the planet – the insights into their relationship with the land, each other, their stories and the dingo’s is fascinating. How wonderful they were able to live as they have always done even although their country had been colonized for 200 years. Yet sadly, the white man caught up with them, completely misunderstood them – tied them up and carted them off to camps.
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What’s unique about this film is hearing it from Yuwali’s perspective, in her native tongue as she and her family see some of the original footage taken of them all those years ago.

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